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Wes Darling Book 1

When Wes Darling's mother decides it's time for him to take over the family detective agency, he quits his job, heads to Key West, and moves onto a sailboat. Now life's cocktails, beautiful women, and endless sunshine. No more stress, no more worries. Right? Yup! That is until the dead bodies start piling up. Then it's mayhem in Key West.


Mike Jastrzebski's stunning historical debut takes readers back into the hard-boiled world of Chandler and Hammett -- and brings Ernest Hemingway back to life in a book as big as the man himself. The Storm Killer, a top grade thriller with a heavy dose of noir, hurtles you from New York to Key West at a pace that will leave you breathless.--Christine Kling, author of The Shipwreck Adventure Series.


Wes Darling Book 2

A sexy relative who wants to teach Wes Darling the meaning of kissin’ cousins, a priceless centuries old manuscript, a three hundred pound redneck, and an ex-spy who thinks murder is a justifiable means of support are just a few of the things awaiting Wes when he sails into Mobile's Dog River in search of answers about the father he never knew.


Dead bodies, twisted love, and a series of tormented women who had every reason to listen when he said "trust me" will keep you turning the pages of this psychological thriller. This book will make you question not only who to trust, but everything you thought you knew about Minnesota nice.


Wes Darling Book 3

Wes is looking for a little fun when he joins hundreds of other boaters at the Stranded Naked Beach Party in the Bahamas. When Wes finds a 250 year old gold coin it sends him spiraling through a gauntlet of dangerous women, dead bodies, and buried treasure, and leaves him fighting the elements for survival on a deserted island.


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The World's Worst Detective Book 1

Meet Wes Darling's cousin, Artie Kowalski, The World's Worst Detective. How bad is he? He's so bad that his wife had to come back from the grave to convince him she had been murdered, not killed in an accident as he was led to believe. If that isn't enough, Police Detective Tori Haroldson is keeping a secret from Artie that's about to rock his entire belief system.


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